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The Trip – Time to Board

I decided to go visit my oldest sister in Washington.  My plane flew out on May 21. 

My son dropped me off at the airport.  No, he didn’t come in with me to make sure I got safely to my gate.  Instead I put my fancy, sassy big girl panties on and did it all by my big girl self.

I hate to be late so we had left the house in plenty of time and of course he drove which means we were earlier than I expected us to be.  But I went through security and sat at the boarding gate and began to read and was oblivious to the announcements.

My ears perked up when I heard the words Portland, delayed.  I started listening intently.  Flight to Portland, Oregon will be delayed, a part needs to be replaced on the plane and we do not have that part locally.  We will know in 30 minutes if there will be a new plane or if we will be waiting for the part.

Of course, my mind went directly to I paid for a perfectly good plane not a broken one.  You will need to provide me a new plane.  I giggled to myself and then I called my sister to let her know that I was delayed.

30 minutes later we are told that there will be a new plane and we will depart at 2:00.  Again, I called my sister to let her know.  That’s right folks we paid for a perfectly good plane, not one we’d have to jump from.  LOL

I’m one of the last to board and pick seat with an Asian man who obviously did not speak much English. Then another man asks if he can sit in the seat between us and I offered just to scoot over, it’s much easier.  He was very appreciative.

HAHAHAHA!   Jokes on you two.  If this plane starts to go down I’m using you two big strong men as a shield. 

The plane begins to taxi out to the runway and my mind is going in all different directions.  First hey buddy are you sure you’re doing the speed limit because it feels like we are moving kind of fast.  I know you need to make up time but hey where’s the taxi lane police when you need them?

The plane made a left and I didn’t see a blinker.  Where’s your blinker?  How does anyone know you turning?  What if another plane is behind us.  Of course, I was just amusing myself while waiting for the actual take off.

I love the actual take off.

Amusing myself once more I notice the bumps on the runway.  Really??  They can’t even fix the runway for the planes.  I wonder if his tires are throwing up rocks at the plane behind us.  If it is, will it crack the windshield?  Oh! I do think I’m funny!

We are in the air and the plane is making a sharp left.  I notice most passengers are leaning to the right.  Then it hits me.  Why is it different than a motorcycle?  Because if we were on a bike we wouldn’t we be leaning to the left?

I read and chatted a bit with the man next to me while the Asian man was busy taking pictures.  The plane landed safely and before I knew it I was in my sister’s car and headed to Aberdeen.

And the adventures begin!

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