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My sister lives in Montesano.  Her house is currently under a complete remodel.  It’s located on top of a very, very, very steep hill.  Did I say ‘very’ enough times?  This hill is so steep that when it snows she’s stuck at home because it’s not safe to drive down it.

She is surrounded with about the woods, 2 acres are all hers.  If you go for a walk you want her to go with you otherwise you’re lost and that’s no joke.

When we decided that I was going to spend a week with her we also realized that her one bedroom apartment would not work for us.  We are on totally different sleep schedules.  She went in search of a hotel for me in the little town of Aberdeen where her temporary apartment is located.

This was difficult for her because most of the hotels/motels were inexpensive but in parts of town that she did not feel I would be safe and not located to anything that I could walk to if I wanted something once I got back to the hotel.

She decided on one that is very close to a Walmart shopping center.  There are train tracks right beside the hotel.  A river out back, I think she said it was the Chehalis River.  There is also fast food and coffee houses close enough for me to walk.  However, she was still uneasy because of the ‘bridge’ people.  I said no worries we have ‘bridge’ people in our town too.  Beside the fact that I’m afraid of the dark so I won’t leave my room once the sun goes down.  We both laugh but we also both know…. True story!

On my first morning I go down to the hotel lobby and realize the coffee is not great and the cups are so small I’ll be running down to get refills every 3 minutes.  I brave the walk across the street to a fast food place. Grab a large cup of coffee and head back to the hotel.  I found a large rock near the train tracks to sit and enjoy my coffee.  

The train was blocking the road when I left and continued to be there until I finished my coffee.  So much for some quiet time.  

Back in my room I write a little bit.  I then decide to explore.

Instead of walking up to the road to cross over the tracks to the Wal-mart shopping center I walk towards the river and there I see a path underneath the tracks.  This is perfect, I do not have to worry about another train coming and blocking me from getting back to my hotel.  I continue down the path.  I see a man down on the river bed bent over looking for something and I think oh that must be a bridge person, I laugh and think no he’s a river person but he didn’t see me so I’m safe.  Chuckling to myself as I continue my walk.  

I walk further down the path and take some pictures.  I notice a man in a van drive up behind Wal-mart so I think to myself ok time to go… first.

As I am walking back down the path there is a man walking on the train tracks and I’m thinking man if a train comes your best bet will be to jump in the river.  As I get close to the tracks he says “hey you gotta smoke?”  I politely say no.

I laughed to myself bridge people here are just like the bridge people at home.

On a serious note, I wish there was an answer to ‘bridge people’ and the homeless population.  I hope to one day get a book published and make enough money to open a café in my home town in California fashioned after Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen.  That is my over the top dream.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures with sis!

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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