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It’s 5 O’clock somewhere

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?

I’m learning that when you are working on being self-employed it is never 5 o’clock!  LOL

I’m very accustom to having a scheduled day.  It went something like this: 4:30 am alarm, get ready for work leave the house, hit up star bucks, arrive at work by 5:50.  Then I would sit at my desk and make my to-do list for everything I needed to accomplish after work.  Clock in at 6am and clock out at 2:30pm then on with the to-do list.

That to-do list consisted of other jobs, Scentsy, Real Estate, Notary Public and trying to write. The week-ends were for house work and yard work, which really never gets completed.

Then I did this unthinkable thing, I quit my full-time job.  I called it early retirement.  However, it was really to find more time for that to-do list.

The first few weeks I decide that I get to just kind of hang out.  No schedule, no to-do list just a bit here and a bit there while doing a little but not a lot.

Finally, I think to myself you must get busy!  Hey I’m in chartered water.  If I’m going to spend time on writing and actually earn a living from it there is a lot I need to learn and do.  I need to get busy on my Real Estate business as well and since I’ve let that sit for a few months again I have some things to learn.

I began working a little on everything each day.  But no schedule appeared and no to-do list.  Nothing is really getting accomplished and I’m feeling frustrated. 

I need to get more structure in this daily chaotic schedule of mine.

Do you ever find yourself there?  Where you are trying to be productive but instead it’s more like chaos takes over? How do you structure your day?  Do you make a to-list of some sort?

It’s time for me to sit down, set some goals, and make me a to-list.  And then work that to-list even if it accomplishing it all takes me past 5 o’clock.  I may not be punching someone else’s time clock anymore but I certainly need to punch in on mine.

Only with self-motivation and self-determination will anyone succeed.

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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  1. I still struggle to find structure while not punching a clock elsewhere. Learning I need an ‘office’ to report to. If not… Every Morning feels like Sunday 😉


    1. I’m there as well my friend. It’s a hard thing to make habits that keep us structured. So I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Let’s catch up soon!


  2. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. I did the 21 day boot camp challenge. Even before the 21 days were up, I felt the change happening. Automatically waking up earlier, and looking forward to it. My family adjusted to the new schedule with me. It’s a great start to my day, and I get so much more accomplished with all of the extra energy.


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