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We Have A Runner

We have a runner!

Last night I was watching one of those ‘catch the bad guy and shoot ‘em up’ shows.  It is one of my favorites, however , just as the shoot-out is almost over the main bad guy runs.  As the detective sees this he yells ‘We have a runner!’

I chuckled and thought to myself, wow, when I was younger we’d be talking about panty hose.  Insert my big chuckle here.

I’m sure most women my age understands that.  We were expected to wear dresses most of the time and depending on your age you wore socks or panty hose.

You would carefully put them over your feet and slowly began to pull them up, making sure not to stick your finger through them or to snag them.  Slowly another inch.  This leg then that leg.  Just as you got to your thigh, boom, your finger would go right through.  Instantly you scream “I have a runner!”

Or you would get them completely on, dressed and ready to go and then the unthinkable.  You had to go the restroom.  This meant you had to chance pulling them down and back up. What a task that was.  There was always the worry of having to say “I have a runner!”

Of course, once you yelled “I have a runner!”  Someone in the house would coming running with a bottle of clear nail polish so that you could stop that runner in it’s tracks.

Throughout the day you would check it, yes, the nail polish was doing it’s job, the runner hadn’t moved. Holy heavens hopefully you didn’t have to use the restroom before the end of the day.  

Then the time comes that you can finally take them off.  As you began to pull them down you’d get to the runner and nail polish and yes it felt like a Band-Aid was being ripped off.  But if you did it just right they might hold out for one more wear because they were expensive.

As I continued to chuckle remembering my days of yelling “I have a runner!” I realize I’ve missed a few minutes of my favorite show.  

Good thing I can rewind! Both my memories and my TV.

Have a great day folks and let’s remember our happy times.

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