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The Mission Games

The box was right by the door.  The door was surrounded by crumbling rocks.  She felt like it was begging her to enter.  She looked at her phone to check the time and realized she was late.

How could I have gotten the time wrong?  Stephanie thought to herself.  I had checked and double checked the time.  It must have been the extra time to find another taxi.  That man was in such a hurry he had stepped right in front of me and jumped in MY taxi.  It was so fast I don’t even remember what he looked like, only that he began to whistle as they drove away. Then it took me a few minutes to get another one.  

Stephanie shook her head trying to get focused.  She had a mission to complete in 15 minutes.  Her instructions had said the box would be unlocked at 9:00 and that was 15 minutes ago, how would she open it now?  Her mind kept going back to the whistling man that took her taxi, but she had to focus on the mission.

She slowly reached for the box wondering if it was still unlocked or if it was booby-trapped now that the time frame was breached.  

She slowly pulled up on the lid.  It was still locked and there was a clicking sound with the upward pressure.  Whew, it’s wasn’t booby-trapped.  Just as this thought went through Stephanie’s mind she heard a snap.  She took a step back to look up.  Just in time!  A boulder came crashing down where she had been standing.  

Just at the moment Stephanie’s phone went off.  Her ring tone is the horn of a train.  Choo-choo, it was an Instagram notification from shoeman.

Who is this shoeman?  Stephanie didn’t know but the posts are so random that it is always intriguing. She decided to take a quick look.

The picture is a bobby pin with the caption multi-purpose tool.  The hashtag is #223.  That’s it! 

Just as random as always. She laughed to herself then reached up and removed a bobby pin from her hair.  Now to get around this boulder and find the box.  Had the boulder landed on it?  The boulder was bigger than her.  It had landed right where she had stood with the mountain side to the right and a huge tree to the left.

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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