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The Blank Page

This morning I sat down to write.  I didn’t really care if I continued working on one of my books I have started or if I wrote something for my blog.  I just wanted to practice my craft.  

I know some people think I’m crazy for wanting to write, thinking I can write and even believing I just might make a living at writing.  Insert my belly laugh here.  Yes, I DO believe I will make a living doing something I love.  I love writing.

I quite my full-time job to spend more time writing.  I called it early retirement.  I didn’t retire from working all together, I retired to spend more time doing things I love.

Inevitably what I hear is so how is retirement?  What do you do now that you’re not busy? 

Or I hear so how many books have you finished now?  Why haven’t you published your second book yet?  You REALLY think you’re going to make money doing this?

Insert another belly laugh from me.

I DO believe in me.  I DO believe that God will direct me to exactly where I’m supposed to be.  It may be writing and publishing but maybe it’s something else and to get to that something else I have to walk this path first.  So be it.

Many may believe that writing is nothing more than just typing away until the book is done.  It’s not that easy.

Let me set out some examples.

Once you get to chapter 3 you are so involved in that chapter that you’ve forgotten one of the character’s name so you have to go read to find it.  You’re making sure that the story line is tying in to the overall story.  I re-read a lot.  I need to know that I’m connecting the dots.  So how long does it take to read 10 pages?  Or as a book progress to chapters how long does it take to read 10 chapters?

Then there’s the day you see it all perfectly in your mind so you sit and you type fast and furious. At the end of that writing period, which may have been six hours, you are excited because you were able to get a whole chapter completed.  Because let’s face it, we all go back and edit and re-edit because we want our story to be great not just good.

The next day rolls around and for some reason there is nothing.  You read your story getting all the way down to that page that’s blank and still nothing.  Maybe at this point you start going off in different directions with your story. Working out the next step of the plot or a character’s background.  Oh! I’ve got it and then your mom calls. Yes, I can assure you that the process now must start over because the focus was completely lost.  

There is really so much more.  Writing is not easy, it’s just done sitting at a computer.  I don’t physically walk or run nor do I lift heavy objects.  But my mind is running, it is working over-time some days.

Not only do I have a lot of out-put in a day, but I also have a lot of information coming in. There is plenty to learn about writing, editing, submitting manuscripts, marketing, and the list goes on I’m sure.

So today I look at a blank page.  But tomorrow I may be looking at a Best Seller!

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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