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The Other Side of the Clouds

Have you ever just sat and watched the clouds?  Have you ever thought their shape looked like something else?  Hey look it’s a butterfly.  Oh, that one looks like a heart.

Maybe what you’re thinking is that they look light and fluffy and how soft they might be to lay on and take a nap.

When the clouds are dark and stormy do you wonder what makes them that way?  They look angry or wow it’s really going to pour might be some things that run through your mind.

Have you ever just sat and watched people?  What thoughts go through your mind?

Oh, she’s pretty! Wow, she’s so skinny she must be on drugs.  Why doesn’t he quit eating and start hitting the gym?  That child needs a spanking.  She is rude!  And the thoughts go on.

They may seem like statements or questions but really are we judging?

Everything and everybody has another side, another story.

The bottoms of cumulus clouds are usually flat, yet the tops of these clouds can rise like castles in the sky in some places.  But you wouldn’t know that from looking up at them.  You would need to rise up and look at the other side to see those beautiful castles.

Today, as you go about your life and you encounter someone who seems different take a look with a different perception.  Who knows what struggles they may have.  Maybe it’s the loss of a family member, maybe it’s a disability.  Maybe you can change their life today with kindness and a smile.

Remember to see castles we must lift ourselves up and look at the other side of the clouds.

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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