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The Voice

The other day I was at a well-known coffee shop and the lady in front of me was ordering her coffee.

“Hi, I would like a venti mocha with extra mocha and an extra shot of expresso please.”  She smiled sweetly at the person taking her order.

When she was done she quickly moved to the pick-up area and I ordered my drink.  Once I finished I also walked over to the pick-up area.

While I was waiting this lady received a phone call.

“Hello.  What?!  Tell Mark that he’d better stop and get the garbage taken out.  Ok put him on the phone.  Mark what did I tell you before I left?”

Now I had just heard this same lady order her drink, sweet and polite.  But this new voice was slightly elevated, not so sweet and she meant business.  

I thought to myself, Ah, the mom voice.  I think I even giggled a little.

This got me thinking. How many voices does a person have? We all have them.  It’s like multi-personalities in our vocal cords.

We all have the customer service voice.  Whether or not we are providing customer service or getting it.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

We have a sweet smile on our face.  Our eyes have a little sparkle in them.  Our voice drips with sweetness.

Of course, we can make the return for you.  I’m so sorry you didn’t like the product.

This is not a great situation when a customer isn’t satisfied but we follow our customer service training and continue to smile with the sugar rotting our teeth as we speak.

This same person may move into business mode voice.

Debbie this project needs to be completed ASAP.

No longer is there a sweet smile but the eye contact is direct.  The voice is focused and level.  Once the conversation is complete the business smile flashes and the voice may even change back to customer service voice.

Thanks, let me know when it’s completed.

This same person may be a parent.  They get home the kids are wound up and are wanting some attention.

Bobby, can you give me just a minute?  I just walked in.  

This parent voice sounds tired and a little impatient, but loving.

Sara quit antagonizing Bobby.

Ah now the parent voice is slightly elevated, annoyed and her gaze is one of ‘don’t push my buttons this evening.’  

Yes, we all have THE look as well.

If the kids are just chaotic that parent voice might even move to angry and loud.

Did you hear what I just asked you to do?  Then do it!

At bedtime the parent voice is back to soft and loving.  The eyes sparkle with love.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Now we move on to a night out with the friends.

Hey hookers, what’s up?  OMG, did you see the bachelor last night?  

The facial expressions are relaxed, the smile is bright and the eyes are twinkling with excitement.

What about the pet voice?

Ah! Sweet little Lulu, mom will be back soon.  I know, I hate to leave you home but I’ll be back.  You be good while I’m gone.

Now talk about words that are so filled with sugar our teeth rot.  

The one I that cracks me up is the irate customer voice.

This is unacceptable! I want to speak to the manager, right now!

This person is angry. They believe they’ve been wronged. The sparkle in their eyes is anger and condescending.  They are uncompromising at this point.  They want action.

The person behind the counter continues with their customer service voice and probably a bit of #winning shining in their eyes.

I am the manager.

The irate customer voice quickly changes to the customer service voice.  Not always, but sometimes.

Our multi-personality vocal cords get quite a work out on most days.

We sound happy, angry, condescending, sweet, rude and many other things throughout our day.

Do you ever listen to yourself?  Do you ever think, I didn’t need to respond like that?  Where did all that venom come from?

Our words can bring anger, smiles, love, happiness and so many other emotions.

In knowing this shouldn’t we try every day to bring smiles to those around us?  To spread love and happiness?

Set out with a purpose today.  Use your loving and kind voice.

Today’s challenge make others smile.

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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