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Monday Morning UN-Blues

This morning my alarm went off and I looked at the time and right then and there I decided I would start my day with a nap.  Now you may call this the snooze button but I call it a nap.

What better way could I start my day.  An early morning nap and it’s done.  No stopping in the afternoon for a nap because I’ve already had mine.  That nap is being checked off my to-do list.  WOW look at me already being productive and completing my list for today.

I was having coffee when the roofer arrived.  Again, what else can go right!  Yay! Finally, a new roof.

I headed off to do my errands.  No traffic. Yes, I’m very excited on this Monday morning.

My first errand was completed and I was headed to the bank next.  When I arrived one of the ATM machines said it was temporarily out of service.  The other ATM machine was working and there was a customer using it.  When the man in front of me was finished I walked up to that ATM.  As soon as I stepped up it also started flashing the message temporarily out of order. I walked inside of the bank and there were 20 people in line.

HMMMM, ok then I will go do my other errands and come back to the bank.  But I’m not going to let this little hiccup ruin my Monday.

My other errands were completed without any mishaps.  I then headed back to the bank and completed my banking.

I arrived home by 9:30 and checked my to-do list.  I crossed off four more items.

My mind is still saying YAY what else can go right today!  My way of being thankful and grateful for everything that I have and everything I have the opportunity to do.

Don’t let Monday or any hiccup in the todays situations to get in your way of having the BEST day ever.

Happy Monday folks!

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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