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Tickle Me Tuesday

The other day I was out doing some errands and a young man was a few feet from the door to a business. He suddenly took a few quick steps towards the door.  I wondered why he had suddenly needed to move so quickly.

I looked around there was no one else around.  Then I realized he was actually opening the door for someone that was coming out of the door.  I assumed it would be an older lady, maybe someone who had their hands full, or maybe even a young mom with her children.

I was tickled to find that it was none of those.  It was a middle-aged woman, alone, nothing in her hands.  He had taken a few quick steps just to open the door for her.

Amazing!  There are kind people in this world.

As I continued my day I had to swing by the post office.  As I was leaving the post office, the door began to shut behind me.  I noticed a lady walking up.  Taking my clue from being tickled earlier I went back to the door and held it open.

Yes!  I had tickled someone else with kindness.  This lady looked at me with surprise and a big bright smile and said “Well, Thank you!”

I was so excited that she was as tickled as I was.

I arrived back home and was walking in when the roofer stopped me.  “Hey Tina, you want me to haul away that old tree limb since I’m making trips to the dump anyway?  Ya, any of that stuff on your porch that you need to haul off.  Just let me know”

OMG!  I had been tickled with kindness yet again!

Later I walked out to take some trash out when another young man helping roof my house says “What color is that on your nails?”  I laughed, “Number 39.  No, it’s like a salmon color.”  He laughed as well at the number 39 and said “It’s a nice color, I like that.”

Wow!  Could it be true.  I started my day thinking I was going to have the best day ever and without even looking hard I had already been tickled with kindness several times and it was only 11am.  

I declare today Tickle me Tuesday.

Keep your eyes open and watch for those moments when people treat others with kindness and random acts of kindness and be tickled.

AND….don’t forget to do your own tickling!  Let me know in the comments about your tickle experiences.

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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  1. 💖 tea•with•tina –
    No tickles to share today. However, I’ve had days just like yours and it’s fabulous to tickle! Just to see someone smile back at you is a treat! Keep on tickling and keep your wonderful stories coming. I’m so proud of you and love you 😘

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