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Be Happy with What You Have

I’m not sure how to start today’s blog.  So, I guess I’ll just dive right in.

I’ve been asked why I wrote and published Be Happy with What You Have: Life Lessons From Dad.

My dad passed away in September 2015.  He had fought cancer long and hard.  He had given me specific instructions, which thanks to my sisters and my mom, we were able to follow.  He passed away at home with his dignity and his family.

My dad was my best friend. We talked every day.  We would sit on his back porch and we’d talk about everything.  Most of the time it was business.  He was one of my biggest supporters in my Scentsy business and my work with Relay for Life.

You know as kids we always know which parent to go to depending on what we want.  I went to mom when I wanted to be right and get what I wanted.  I went to dad for objective opinions even when I knew he was going to tell me I was wrong.

When he passed away I wrote small stories about things throughout our life that we did with our dad, or his grandchildren did with him.  I tried to tell stories for each of his children and grandchildren.

It was after I took a creative writing course that I had the thought that I could take those stories and life lessons and turned them into a series of children’s books.

So, I took the first story about how my dad had went to the wrecking yard and bought 2 dodge trucks, one brown and one green, then put the two together to make one truck that was not wrecked or dented.

I called it his truck of many colors.  Sorry Dolly but it just fit!  LOL

I cried lots of tears as I wrote this little story.  Yes, it is based off of a true story.  I still get choked up when I read it.  I might be my own worst critic, but it’s not a great story as far as stories go.  But it holds lots of memories and love for me.

Little Ella spends time with her dad, helping him build his truck, while learning that we need to be happy with what we have.

My dad drove that truck for many years.  Never wanting or talking about getting a new truck.  We, the family, used to encourage him to get a new truck.  But he wouldn’t.  He always said I’m happy with what I have.

When we wanted something new, dad always said be happy with what you have.

What if we all were just happy with what we had?  Would we have as much debt as we have today?  What businesses would go out of business if we only purchased things when we really needed them?  LOL

I thought this one line of wisdom was something to share with the world.

My thoughts about my book?

  1. Dad spends time with his daughter
  2. Dad let’s his daughter help with something that typically boys do
  3. Dad asks his daughter her opinion even though she’s a child
  4. Dad shares his wisdom on being happy
  5. Dad is the living example of his wisdom of being happy with what you have.

Today take time to Be Happy with What You Have

If you’d like your own copy you can find it on or look on the ‘Books’ page in my block for a link to

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