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The Rotisserie

I made a quick trip to the store today to grab a sandwich and take to my friend on their lunch. While I was there I decided to pick up some wings for my lunch. It is easy and quick and my kitchen will stay clean.

I’m at the counter ordering when I noticed that their rotisserie was just a few feet away. There were about ten chickens on it.

At that moment my mind went back to my childhood. My dad owned grocery stores when I was a kid. The first one I remember had a fresh meat counter (they all did back then) with a rotisserie for chicken. My dad had this awesome BBQ dry rub and that chicken was delicious.

I just stood there with my memories. I’m sure I looked like one of their half-baked chickens. Those were good memories. Some of the best!

The clerk handed me the food I had ordered and asked if I needed a bag. I said no and I smiled. It felt like a really big smile. I could not help but be in a terrific mood. I just spent a few minutes back in my childhood.

Have you done that? Have you been out somewhere and something sparked a wonderful memory?

I’ve been in a terrific mood all day. Memories just turning in my head like those chickens on the rotisserie.

We all have bad days and we have good days. But sometimes, on those bad days, we let those negative thoughts turn in our heads. Over and over. This just makes it worse, doesn’t it?

So first, I’m sitting here wondering why my last few posts have had food in them? LOL This is not a food blog! LOL Second I’m wondering if the next time I’m having a bad day if I should run to the store and just stand there and watch the chicken turn. LOL

Back to the story………When that rotisserie in your head starts to turn be sure to check your recipe. Are the ingredients good for you? Or are they bad for you?

Don’t be a chicken! LOL Keep your thoughts positive. Know you are beautiful. Believe in yourself. Take the time to tickle others with kindness. ALWAYS remember those happy memories.

The list of happy positive things is vast.

Happy Friday from your forever-optimistic-cheerleader!

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