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Crazy Runs Through my Family; Sometimes it Gallops

A couple of weeks ago I went with my friend Lorna to see a play.  It was in a nearby town, and a very small production.  I can’t even tell you the name but I can tell you that I thought it was great.  The greatest quote of the night was the statement ‘crazy runs through my family; sometimes it gallops.

I posted this on social media and received a couple responses that they couldn’t wait to see it in my blog.  Well………is it really crazy or just weird funny stuff.  I don’t know.  You be the judge.

Let the crazy begin…..

After my dad passed away, but before the memorial, my Uncle Bruce wanted to come by and talk to me. My dad and Uncle were not only brothers but best friends.  Uncle Bruce began to tell me stories about dad.  We both laughed and cried.

The crazy…..well it seems when my dad was in high school he was an excellent wrestler.  He was very strong.  I know not crazy yet but hold on.  He dropped out to help the family by getting a job.  Well it seems my Granddad made deals with people and I don’t remember the specifics.  But when it came time to collect the monies he took my dad with him.  If they didn’t pay up it was dad’s job to ‘fight/wrestle’ the other persons son.  Yes, dad always won.

WAIT!!!  You mean my dad was a ‘Guido’?????  We are not from New York nor are we Italian.  That’s crazy to me!!  To think that my dad, the big ole teddy bear, was a ‘collector’ for his dad.  

Well we are off and running….

When my son was very young I was blessed to live right next door to my parents and they both babysat for me when I had to work.  I will forever be thankful.

However, I used to tell my mom that she needed to slow down when she drove.  She always drove to fast.  I’d even use the fact that Kyle was in the car with her.  She always assured me she did slow down when she had Kyle in the car.

The story gets us running a little faster now.  She was driving somewhere and Kyle was with her.  She was pulled over for speeding and actually received a speeding ticket. So…. she tells my son not to tell anyone.  Doesn’t sound crazy does it?  He was five! Five years old!!  How crazy are you to think a five-year old is going to keep a secret?  Lol lol

I walked in my parent’s house from work that day and the very first thing that happens is Kyle jumps up and runs to me “mom, nana got a ticket today!”  I’m not sure if he even knew the meaning of that ticket.  But he was proud!  

Now you’re probably thinking we’re not even at a gallop really.

A few weeks later I came home to find that my mom, even though she drives very fast, was able to see a box turtle crossing the country road near our home.  What was crazier is that SHE actually picked it up and brought it home for Kyle, even after he had snitched.  LOL

If you knew my mom and her driving you’d know that the last paragraph insists that crazy is coming to a gallop.

Of course, we are at a full gallop when we get to me and my life.  But as you can see I’ve learned from the best.

In my early forties I came up with what I still consider a brilliant idea.  Well one evening while having porch time with dad I tell him I’ve got a brilliant business idea.  He asks me what it is.  “I want to open a hot dog and hamburger shop but with a twist.  But really it’s the name that will bring me business.”  “Ok, what’s the name?” was my dad’s response.

Tiener’s wieners and Daddy’s patties!!

My dad choked on his Dr. Pepper.  He insisted I could NOT name it that.  There’s to many burger joints around and blah blah blah.

But I had a good laugh and I still haven’t put that thought to rest.

Maybe now we are past galloping and we’re at a full out run.  Why you ask?  Well, when I sit on my back porch and think about this I can see my dad sitting across from me shaking his head horrified that I would even consider it.  While I see my Uncle sitting next to him laughing and telling me “do it Tina, do it!”  Then my dad says ‘You cannot do that!”

Dad, I can do anything! You and mom taught me that.

I smile and walk in the house knowing that my full crazy was just on display.  I wonder if the neighbors were looking over the fence?  

I don’t mind being crazy.

It was just the other day that Kyle and I went to a nearby cheese factory.  When we left he tells me that I can now write a ‘cheesy murder mystery.’ ‘It’ sure to be Gouda.  We’ll have a Havarti time while Brie finds herself a Swiss man.’

Yes, I think we surpass galloping sometimes.  But OH the FUN we have!

So don’t hide your crazy. Get out there and join the rest of us. Show us crazy YOUR way!

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