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One of the hardest things for me is to feel confident that I have taken all the correct roads, all the best turns in my life.

When I came to those busy intersections, did I take the right turn or the wrong turn?

I can see it clearly in my mind. 

The left-hand turning lane.  It’s right there but….my internal GPS tells me to keep going forward.  But I’m sure to second-guess my GPS, as always.  If I get into that turning lane I will HAVE to turn left.

The light is green!  I need to make a choice.  Otherwise I’m holding up traffic (and my life) that follows.

I am a risk taker, yet cautious at the same time.

I watch the movie play out in my head.

Cars and trucks whizzing past me; going straight through the green light.  The left-hand turning lane is also full of cars zooming through the green light taking their left hand turn in life.

Then I notice the right-hand turning lane.  Yes, why don’t I make the right-hand turn?  It might be riskier.  It does look like a dark and deserted road.

But it seems to call out to me, to my internal GPS.  I clearly feel like I must take this turn no matter how risky it is.

Now, you ask, What if it is a dark and lonely road?  What if there is no food, gas or public facilities?

Well then, I make a U-turn and try another direction…..and another, and another, until I find MY road.  The one that is meant for me.

Be courageous today!  Find YOUR road!  Then come back and tell me all about it.  I can’t wait to hear YOUR story!

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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