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Ella’s Big Catch

Ella’s off for a great day of fishing with her dad. She learns to sit patiently and quietly. It’s at the end of the day that she begins to understand that sometimes, when we sit quietly, we can hear the wind blowing, and sometimes so much more!

Ella’s Big Catch is my third children’s book that I’ve published. It is based off of true stories.  I say ‘stories’ because this wasn’t just one fishing trip, but it’s really about all of them.

Dad and I would head out to the lake. He’d stop at the grocery store and we would get a Dr. Pepper and a Babyruth candy bar for breakfast. Then we’d fish most of the day.

Yes, every time I’d talk my dad would say “Shhh, you’re going to scare away the fish.” He made this comment EVERY time we went fishing.  LOL 

Even when I became an adult.

Does this mean I talk too much? Does it mean my dad wanted to hear the sounds of the lake around us and just relax for a little while?

It wasn’t just when we went fishing that we would sit together in silence. As an adult I went to my parent’s house almost every day.  Dad and I would sit on the back porch and there were many times we just sat there in silence.

It was during these visits that I learned that it’s ok to sit and just be quiet with someone. My dad never said the phrase “listen to the love”.  However, as he sat there in silence so many times I DID hear the love.

My books are not the usual ‘memoirs’ that most people write.  However, for me they are great memories. Dad always taught lessons by example. He was a man of few words.

All three books are now available on Amazon. They are also listed on my ‘book page’ on my blog site.

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Leave a comment!  Do you have fishing stories?

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I retired from my traditional job to explore, practice, and create stories for people of all ages.

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