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Where’s the leftovers?

It’s been three days!  Three!  Yet I don’t see any turkey and stuffing leftovers.  Where are they?

Oh, yes, that’s correct.  Last year my son and I started a new tradition for Thanksgiving.  We decided that we would look for recipes from other places, cultures etc.

Well what we have learned is that not everyone celebrates the US version of Thanksgiving. Therefore, you can’t just search Thanksgiving meals in England.  

 But we didn’t let that change our new plans. Last year we did end up deciding on recipes from England.  We even did several from Germany. This year we cooked up some Asian recipes.

Lumpia, which I paid someone else to make for us, Asian meatballs with a jelly/pepper sauce, chicken Satay and a Ramen noodle salad. Of course, the usual in way of appetizers and dessert.

We both had gotten a nasty cold right before Thanksgiving so we did not do a lot of planning or shopping. This meant our menu was small.  A small menu means……very little leftovers.

With a traditional Thanksgiving meal there are lots of leftovers.  You eat them for a couple of days and then BOOM you get creative and make some awesome tasting dishes using those leftovers.

One year we made stuffing balls wrapped in bacon.  I saw a recipe this year where it was layers of stuffing, cranberry, turkey, mashed potatoes with the gravy on top and then you baked it in a casserole dish.

I’ve opened the door to my fridge a kazillion times, NO leftovers!  Ok well there are meatballs.  I could smash them up and make some chili.  It’s raining outside so it is a chili kind of day.  Oh, and there is chicken left.  I have a box of chicken fried rice.  

Ok I guess I do have leftovers.  

Guess what?  We WILL have Christmas dinner leftovers. I can’t wait!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

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