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Monday Morning UN-Blues

This morning my alarm went off and I looked at the time and right then and there I decided I would start my day with a nap.  Now you may call this the snooze button but I call it a nap. What better way could I start my day.  An early morning […]

The Voice

The other day I was at a well-known coffee shop and the lady in front of me was ordering her coffee. “Hi, I would like a venti mocha with extra mocha and an extra shot of expresso please.”  She smiled sweetly at the person taking her order. When she was done […]

The Other Side of the Clouds

Have you ever just sat and watched the clouds?  Have you ever thought their shape looked like something else?  Hey look it’s a butterfly.  Oh, that one looks like a heart. Maybe what you’re thinking is that they look light and fluffy and how soft they might be to lay on and take […]

The Blank Page

This morning I sat down to write.  I didn’t really care if I continued working on one of my books I have started or if I wrote something for my blog.  I just wanted to practice my craft.   I know some people think I’m crazy for wanting to write, thinking I can […]

The Mission Games

The box was right by the door.  The door was surrounded by crumbling rocks.  She felt like it was begging her to enter.  She looked at her phone to check the time and realized she was late. How could I have gotten the time wrong?  Stephanie thought to herself.  I had checked and double checked […]

We Have A Runner

We have a runner! Last night I was watching one of those ‘catch the bad guy and shoot ‘em up’ shows.  It is one of my favorites, however , just as the shoot-out is almost over the main bad guy runs.  As the detective sees this he yells ‘We have a runner!’ […]

It’s 5 O’clock somewhere

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? I’m learning that when you are working on being self-employed it is never 5 o’clock!  LOL I’m very accustom to having a scheduled day.  It went something like this: 4:30 am alarm, get ready for work leave the house, hit up star bucks, arrive at work by […]

Rediscover Yourself

Have you ever wanted or been told to ‘remake’ yourself?  To reinvent YOU?   Today I’m going to tell you Do NOT reinvent yourself!  Rediscover yourself!  You can do this!  Discover who you are both on the outside and the inside and live the best life ever. Pursue your passions!  Change your career!  Move to a new city […]

Self Discovery

Good morning! I believe that everyone should have goals.  Not just dreams, but actual goals that they take baby steps towards accomplishing. Well today I’m thankful! My goal of being a published author has be achieved! Let me tell you my story. When I was a young adult I loved to write […]

The Adventure

On my first full day to spend with my sister we started out by going to her house that she is having remodeled.  Her house is down to the dry wall.  They’ve removed the fireplace and the wall that it was on.  This really opens her house up.  I started taking pictures of her […]